About Us



We’ve been living and breathing herbal solutions since 1996, operating as a family-owned business based in Spanish Fork, Utah.




Our blends combine knowledge accumulated over centuries backed by the science of today. Blends that we continue to refine and explore. Blends that can make a big difference to modern challenges. Blends use natural herbs to support your overall body health and fight off the bad guys.




The Amply story is one that began long before the birth of our first product. After years of taking harmful supplements and pain relievers that only made things worse, we felt compelled to take matters into our own hands.




From this point, our purpose became clear: To find herbal remedies that worked, using the highest-quality organic and wildcrafted herbs available.




We choose the name Amply, meaning plentiful, reflecting how we feel about nature and the many solutions it has to heal us and keep us healthy. Not everyone is trained to read nature’s instructions, which is why we’re here.

While life is full of wavering opinions, some things like the healing power of nature never change. With so many solutions out there, you’ve come to the right place. Look no further than Amply, Created by nature. Crafted by herbalists.